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Recent Updates

Concourse Trail Custodian Update

Our Concourse Trail Custodian program was officially launched on July 24 through our website and social media. Board Chair, Mr. Ron Penney, attended the St. John's City Council meeting on July 25 to announce the volunteer program and release of our mobile app. He stated that the goal of the program is to get a least one person matched with each trail section. Volunteers will aid maintenance crews by placing litter in garbage bins and reporting issues like tripping hazards or vandalism. Studies show that visible efforts to clean or pick up litter resonate with people and discourage others from littering. In this way, we're encouraging citizens to become community leaders and set an example for others. During the meeting, Mayor O'Keefe and Councillor Breen each signed up for Waterford River and Virginia River trails respectively and received their shirts and hats as some of our first official Trail Custodians.

The program has had a great response so far. In total, 60 volunteers have officially signed up to 'adopt' trail sections throughout St. John's, Mount Pearl, and Conception Bay South. Many more have contacted us with words of support or praise. Our youngest volunteer, Rayanna Etheridge (age 7) signed up for the CBS T'Railway section near her home in Topsail. With help from awesome people like Ray we are able to keep our communities litter-free. Our trail network has spread nearly 200 kms throughout 8 municipalities, which is a large area for our crews to cover so even small collective efforts can go a long way. 

We're hoping trail walkers, runners, and cyclists will sign up for a section along that they can visit routinely for a season or longer. This schedule is entirely up to the volunteer - some visit daily while others are less frequent. That being said, we also have some groups who are interested in doing single clean-up events and we're happy to help coordinate those as well. Volunteer efforts can also include sharing pictures, videos, and experiences on trails. We'll check in every once in a while or if we have questions about a particular section but as a volunteer, you set the pace. We're just looking for an extra set of eyes and ears to help support our existing operations, but also provide opportunities for volunteers to gain a sense of ownership and pride in their community.

If you're interested in our volunteer program, read more and sign up at grandconcourse.ca/volunteer.

Adopted routes as of August 17, 2017

See above map for areas where we could still use volunteers. Consider signing up if you live near or regularly use these trails:

St. John's

  • Clovelly Trail (Stavanger Drive area)
  • Southlands
  • Bidgood Park
  • Waterford River T'Railway (Central, West Sections)
  • Southbrook (Bowring Park)
  • Harbourside Walk (East, North)
  • Signal Hill - North Head Trail
  • Ladie's Lookout
  • Lake-to-Lookout
  • Cuckolds Cove
  • Virginia River to Kenny's Pond
  • Virginia River - Airport Heights (Jim Clarke Ballfield area)
  • Caribou Hill Park Trail
  • Confederation Hill

Mount Pearl

  • Arboretum Walk (South)
  • Admiralty Walk
  • Sunrise Trail
  • Branscombe's Pond


  • T'Railway
  • Octagon Pond
  • Neil's Pond
  • Adam's Pond

Conception Bay South

  • T'Railway (Long Pond)
  • T'Railway (Foxtrap)
  • T'Railway (Upper Gullies)


  • Upper Three Corner Pond
  • Western Island Pond
  • Woodbridge Park

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's

  • Voiseys Brook Park
  • Rainbow Gully Park
Rayanna, 7, Topsail

Mobile App Released

Version 1.0 Now Available!

Download our free mobile application to your Android or iOS device to navigate routes and learn about features.


- Select walk/trail by category
- Get up-to-date routes
- Find your GPS location and follow routes
- Share your favourite places to social media
- Report damages, incidents, or issues

Available for iOS or Android

Visit our store if you would like to donate towards the further development of this app and its features.

Manuels River Trail

In 2016, the Grand Concourse welcomed Manuels River Natural Heritage Society as a new member. Manuels River Trail is a scenic route along one of the oldest river systems in North America. This world-class geological treasure is a welcome addition to the Grand Concourse network.

We have been working closely with MRNHS to make improvements to the trail system and establish connections to Main Street, the CBS T’Railway, and the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre. The Main Street entrance was developed in fall 2016, with a new parking area, granite steps, and lookout. Upgrades to improve the surface and accessibility of the Manuels River Trail are also underway and will continue in spring 2017.


Winter Trails Groomed

Looking to keep active during the winter? The CBS T'Railway is groomed for winter walking and snowshoeing and the Pippy Park trails are groomed for skiing and snowshoeing. 

Check our mapping for all winter trail routes.

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