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Cycling on the Grand Concourse

The Grand Concourse has several multi-use routes which allow cycling activities. These routes are graded, widened, and designed specifically to allow safe cycling activity alongside pedestrians. Still, these are shared spaces and all users should act accordingly. Here are some things to consider:



  • Be considerate of other users. Using a bell or saying "on the left" gives them a chance to react for a safe pass.


  • Keep a reasonable pace. These are gentle routes meant for casual rides or active transportation. Need more exercise or an added challenge? Check out or for additional routes.


  • Pay attention. Slow down in busy areas or where there are commonly slow-moving trail users. Watch the signage and obey the traffic laws. Many trails intersect with roads and some designations may change or connect with routes which do not have cycling designations.


Trail Users

  • Be aware of other users. Occasionally glance forward and backwards and listen for other users or approaching cyclists.


  • Allow space to pass. Walk on the right-hand side of the trail. If walking in a group, make a line when faster users approach.


  • Consider the shared route as a roadway for bicycles and other trail users. Cyclists are often hyper-alert but inevitably will be moving faster than other users.


If we can follow these tips and get along then we can seek further opportunities for trail development. We're happy to accommodate different types of users in our network planning and trail designs. We have been active in regional cycling plans and have added 14 kilometres of cycling-friendly routes so far through the Town of Conception Bay South since 2013.

You can find our designated cycling routes at .



Cycling guard on Virginia River Trail

Cycling Routes

1. Waterford River T'Railway (St. John's) 6.3 kms

Follow the former railbed from the Railway Coastal Museum near St. John's Harbour. Continue through Bowring Park into the City of Mount Pearl.

2. Arboretum Walk - T'Railway (Mount Pearl) 5.28 kms

The railbed continues from Brookfield road behind farms and crossing Park Avenue in Mount Pearl. The route then travels alongside the upstream Waterford River to Power's Pond Park.

3. Paradise T'Railway 4.35 kms

The T'Railway continues through St. Anne Industrial Park along Topsail Road, passing Neville's Pond, Neil's Pond, and ending at Octagon Pond in the Town of Paradise.

4. CBS T'Railway 14 kms

The CBS T'Railway route begins in Chamberlains at Spruce Hill Road and continues west, crossing Manuels River. The trail then passes centuries-old farms and diverts to the shoreline. It follows the rocky coast through tuckamore patches and pebble beaches as far as Lance Cove.

5. Virginia River (To Major's Path) 2.8 kms

Another multi-use route starts at Penney Crescent (at Torbay Road) and continues west across wetlands, travelling upstream to Major's Path (at Portugal Cove Road).

6. Virginia River (To Windsor Lake) 2.9 kms

Travel northwest from Major's Path to Windsor Lake (a protected municipal water supply). This route passes residential neighbourhoods in Airport Heights and follows an old waterline known since 1812.

Voisey’s Brook Park Trails

Voisey's Brook Park is found off Indian Meal Line in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's. This large 48-acre park contains a variety of recreational facilities, including a dog park, skate park, playground, hard-surface court, baseball field, soccer fields, as well as an extensive network of conservation trails. In 2017, the Grand Concourse completed an additional trail connection to Jera Street, bringing the total trail distance within the park to 4.2 kilometres (2.6 mi). 

You can download a map of the park below:

Manuels River Trail

In 2016, the Grand Concourse welcomed Manuels River Natural Heritage Society as a new member. Manuels River Trail is a scenic route along one of the oldest river systems in North America. This world-class geological treasure is a welcome addition to the Grand Concourse network.

We have been working closely with MRNHS to make improvements to the trail system and establish connections to Main Street, the CBS T'Railway, and the Manuels River Hibernia Interpretation Centre. The Main Street entrance was developed in fall 2016, with a new parking area, granite steps, and lookout. Upgrades to improve the surface and accessibility of the Manuels River Trail are now underway.

Concourse Trail Custodian Update

Our Concourse Trail Custodian program was officially launched on July 24 through our website and social media. Board Chair, Mr. Ron Penney, attended the St. John's City Council meeting on July 25 to announce the volunteer program and release of our mobile app. The goal of the program was to get a least one person matched with each trail section. Volunteers aided maintenance crews by placing litter in garbage bins and reporting issues like tripping hazards or vandalism. Our trail network has spread nearly 200 kms throughout 8 municipalities, which is a large area for our crews to cover so even small collective efforts can go a long way for keeping trails clean. Studies also show that visible efforts to clean or pick up litter resonate with people and discourage others from littering. In this way, we've encouraged citizens to become community leaders and set an example for others. 

The program had a great response during the 2017 season. In total, 76 volunteers officially signed up to 'adopt' trail sections throughout St. John's, Mount Pearl, Paradise, and Conception Bay South. Many more have contacted us with words of support or praise. We were able to quickly respond to trail washouts after the heavy rainfall in September thanks to the reports sent in by volunteers. We've had several successful corporate cleanups and a number of messages and calls about the improved quality of the trails this summer. With help from awesome people like Rayanna Etheridge (age 7) in CBS we are able to help keep our communities clean and safe. We're deeply grateful for all of your support. 

While the official sign-up period for the 2017 season is over, we encourage volunteers to continue on their regular routines as their time and weather permits. Check back for information about fall and winter activities.


Adopted routes as of October 31, 2017
Rayanna, 7, Topsail
MolsonCoors cleanup event at Kent's Pond

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