Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are You Also the Johnson Family Foundation?

No. The Johnson Family Foundation is the initiator and founding member of the Grand Concourse. But we are two completely separate organizations, with different mandates.

2. Are You Also the East Coast Trail?

No. The Grand Concourse is generally considered an urban, low-impact walkway network and The East Coast Trail is coastal walkway network of wilderness paths. While we are complementary outdoor recreation systems and intersect in many places (such as Signal Hill), we are two completely separate organizations, with different mandates, trail development standards, and experiences. Check out both!

3. Can I Bike on Grand Concourse Routes?

We do have several designated multi-use routes that allow cycling, such as along the Virginia River and the T'Railway which can be found on our mapping. We have been active in regional cycling plans and have added 14 kilometres so far through the Town of Conception Bay South since 2013. These routes are fully accessible with a gentle terrain, and are designed to allow safe cycling access. There are many cost, safety, and logistical factors to consider when upgrading routes for multiple uses. The Grand Concourse network was originally designed for pedestrians but we continue to explore opportunities to modify existing routes for other activities like cycling, in addition to creating new multi-use routes like the CBS T'Railway. You can also check BicycleNL or for additional backcountry routes with a rougher terrain.

4. How Can I Get the Walkers Map or Handbook?

The GCA Walker's Handbook is currently out of stock but we do have a limited number of walkers maps (2005 edition) available free of charge. You can drop by our office at 439 Allandale Road (across from the entrance to the Pippy Park Golf Course) to get your copy while quantities last.

5. How Can I Get a Trail Built in My Community?

Contact us, we can help. We can offer our services to communities in Newfoundland and Labrador. For communities outside our province, we have a variety of resources that might be useful. Please visit the section entitled Planning a Walkway or Park.

6. How Can I Report a Concern or Problem on the Walks?

Report the damage on our website or contact us directly at (709) 737-1077.

7. How Can I Support the Grand Concourse?

There are several ways. Donations and contributions can be made at the Grand Concourse headquarters or online in support of our community endeavors. You can also support us by making use of our walkways and greenspaces and posting your experience on one of our social media outlets!

8. Who Maintains the Grand Concourse?

The Grand Concourse Authority does not own any property but maintains most walks and some green spaces within the City of St. John's and the towns of Conception Bay South, Torbay, Flatrock, and Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove. The City of Mount Pearl and the Town of Paradise are responsible for the walks within those municipalities and Parks Canada maintains the walks within the Signal Hill boundary. Memorial University handles maintenance for the MUN Visitors Walk, however a section of the Long Pond walk is maintained by the GCA on behalf of Memorial University. If you have concerns or inquiries we would be happy to address them and direct issues to the necessary governing bodies.

9. How is the Grand Concourse Authority Funded?

The Grand Concourse Authority is supported by our board membership made up of federal, provincial and municipal groups. Financial support is provided through our board membership. In order to complete or enhance some of our special projects, we also depend upon corporate sponsorships and Government funding agencies. Donations and contributions can also be made to the Grand Concourse in support of our community endeavors.