This year, the Grand Concourse Authority will be responsible for the maintenance of more than 70 different trails, parks and open spaces within our member municipalities.

A 10-person maintenance team conducts walk and open space maintenance from May to November with activities ranging from routine garbage collection to larger structural repairs. Hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Saturday during the walking season. In the off-season a reduced staff conducts litter and debris control and walkway winter grooming on selected routes.

So be on the look out this year for our Grand Concourse Mules and Gators (ATV's) and our friendly uniformed maintenance staff!

Winter trail-grooming at Long Pond.

Maintenance Routes

We cover the follow routes / areas:

St. John's

  • Caribou Hill Park Trail (St. Mary's School)
  • Clovelly Trail
  • Confederation Hill Loop
  • Cuckold's Cove Trail (QV Lake to Parks Canada boundary)
  • Deadman's Pond
  • Harbour Vista
  • Harbourside Park
  • Janeway Maple Leaf Gardens
  • Kenny's Pond to Virginia River
  • Kenny's Pond
  • Kent's Pond
  • Kent's Pond to Long Pond
  • Lake to Lookout (QV Lake to Signal Hill Road)
  • Long Pond
  • Long Pond to Oxen Pond
  • Mundy Pond
  • Oxen Pond to Wishingwell (Botanical Gardens to Oxen Pond Road)
  • Pinebud
  • Port Authority Building
  • Quidi Vidi Lake
  • Rennies River
  • Riverdale to Mundy Pond
  • Rotary Sunshine Park (Gull Pond)
  • Southlands East Section (Tree Top Drive to Cypress Street)
  • Terry Fox Memorial
  • Trail of the Caribou Memorial (QV Lake)
  • Train Cars (Railway Coastal Museum)
  • Virginia River
  • Waterford River (T'Railway)

Conception Bay South

  • Conception Bay South T'Railway
  • Gateway Trail


  • Town of Torbay Beautification

Pippy Park

  • Pippy Park Ski Trails - Winter grooming
  • Pippy Park Snowshoe Trails - Winter grooming

Pruning at Harbourside Park


Resurfacing along Rennie's River Trail